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This is completely a social business. our target is to improve the incomes of TukTuk owners by rent in there TukTuk (Richshew, Threewheels) to tourist for self-drive adventures in Sri Lanka.

By renting out these TukTuks, from locals providing you with life changing experiences. We recommend you to most authentic and best way to travel anywhere in the world is to travel like a local and traveling like a local opens the door to many places not available by traditional or mainstream tourist routes. This helps you to embrace local culture, cruising and lifestyle while interacting with communities and sharing experiences.

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Don’t warry about anything, we always with you to guide you throughout the process.

Quality TukTuk rented from locals to increase their income.

Insurance available for the TukTuk and the passengers.

Locally and internationally approved licenses ready for your arrival.

Comprehensive driving lessons.

On the road travel kit.

Repair costs covered by us while you are on the road.

No limitations for the KM’s

Pick-up and drop-off locations all across the island.

Easy online payment options and digital deposit refund (Pay pal, credit card)

Quality TukTuk rented from locals to increase their income

Our rental service is a social business which increases the income of local TukTuk owners who are having a lowest income in Sri Lanka. We make sure about each and everything from your arrival to departure so you have to worry about enjoying yourself.


We have insurance for all parties. It means you, your vehicle and third-party vehicles as well as people are covered by our insurance. But you don’t have to pay for any insurance as we bare the cost.

Locally and internationally approved licenses ready for at your arrival

You require a special local license for driving a TukTuk in Sri Lanka. There are two ways to get this license. They are :

If you have an international driving permit (IDP) or your national country license, then we can get this license withing 2 business days’ notice.

If you have IDP or national country license and you can go to the automobile association of Ceylon and get the special Sri Lankan driving license for yourself.

Comprehensive driving lessons

Before set your own we prepare a qualified TukTuk driver to give you an hour of driving lessons and an overview of basic vehicle maintenance. We make sure you can drive a TukTuk perfectly. You are ready to take to the streets like a pro.

On the road travel kit

As a part of our service, we provide you a travel kit.

It includes :

Reserve with fuel tank

Spare tyre

Basic tool set

Lockable storage box

USB charging port

Phone holder

Also, you can book following extras as well…

Large Bluetooth speaker

Surfboard roof racks

Baby seats

Cooler / Esky

Camping Tent


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